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+++ The Orthodox Church wishes everyone a Happy Pascha/Easter Sunday
April 8th, 2018 +++

Christ Is Risen – Truly He is Risen!

Christos Anesti – Alithos Anesti!

Al Maseeh Qam – Haqqan Qam! 


+++ The Relics of Saint Parthenius the Bishop of 

Lampsacus will be visiting our Church on August 13th until September 3rd.
2017 +++






+ The Relics of Saint Parthenius the Bishop of Lampsacus +

Glory to God, we are humbled to have been granted such a special visit of the Holy relics of Saint Parthenius the Bishop of Lampsacus. Our Father, Saint Parthenius’ Holy relics are scheduled to arrive and be with us at the Orthodox Church of the Blessed Virgin in the city of Corona starting Sunday, August 13th, 2017 until September 3rd, 2017.

Saint Parthenius was born in Melitopolis on the Hellespont, the son of a deacon named Christopher. Because of the miracles that he wrought even as a young man, he was ordained a priest and then Bishop of Lampsacus in the days of Saint Constantine the Great, from whom he received great gifts and authority both to overturn the altars of the idols and to raise up a Church to the Glory of Christ. Working many miracles throughout his life, he reposed in peace an old man and full of days.

The saint was known throughout the region as a great healer of both physical and spiritual ailments and in particularly for those who suffer from cancer, other serious illnesses and for those who are possessed by demons. His relics are a treasure of the Sacred Basilica in the Holy Land – Jerusalem. During this time from August 13th, 2017 until September 3rd, 2017, his Holy relics will be taken to the Churches in California by invitation only through your Church priest so parishioners and everyone may venerate such precious relics that are nearly 1700 years old. May the prayers of the Holy Trinity, His Mother the Most Blessed Lady Theotokos and all His Heavenly Saints be with us all, Amen. 


The Orthodox Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Corona
1133 Railroad St. Corona, CA 92882

+ Very Reverend, Father Luke and Father Nicolas


Apolytikion of Saint Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsacus
Fourth Tone: O God of our Fathers, ever dealing with us according to Thy gentleness: take not Thy mercy 
from us, but by their entreaties guide our life in peace.

 Kontakion of Saint Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsacus

Third Tone: Since thou hadst received God's grace to work ineffable marvels, godly-wise Parthenius,
thou sacred worker of wonders, thou didst wholly cleanse the faithful of all
their passions, casting wicked spirits out, O God-bearing Father; for this
cause we sing thy praise as a great initiate of the divine grace of God.