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The Church School - The Lord Jesus Blesses Children

The Church School department is made up of faithful teachers who
volunteer their time to teach the Church children the Holy Gospel.

The Church School welcomes children form the age of 4 to young teenagers up to the age of 18.

Our teaching are dedicated to the youth to help them fulfill the canonical requirement of the Orthodox Faith. 

The Church Fellowship

The Fellowship department is focused on the young adults from the ages
of 18 to 30.

By gathering as a Fellowship group we stay connected with The Lord Jesus Christ.

There are organized activities, such as trips to different Orthodox Monasteries to gain a spiritual knowledge.

We also come together to feed the poor, visit the sick, as well as engage in Church festivals to raise money for the Church.

The Ladies Society

The Ladies Society are focused on helping the Church to organize and see through all activities that will benefit its members.

There are social affairs on the premises of the Church, as well as events such as outdoor gatherings in the park.

Together we are one big family under the name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Orthodox children's school