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Here are some of the Church Projects we are working on.

We appreciate both your time, and donations, in helping us achieve the project of your choice.

The Tomb Of Christ  

This is the only replica of the tomb where Jesus was laid the rest.

Jesus Christ was buried in a nearby rock cave and tomb, also called a sepulchre, which had been cut out of the rock.

For anyone that can't make the trip to Jerusalem this is your opportunity to feel what it is like.

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 Bell Tower

Greek Orthodox Bell Tower

During Orthodox Church services, bells are used at specific times.

Bell ringing is used to announce and summon the faithful to divine services, to express the joy of the divine services of the Church, and for those not present at the services to announce the times of important moments in the services. 

Read about our plans for our Bell Tower... 

Alter Coverings

The use of altar-cloths goes back to the early centuries of the Church. St. Optatus of Mileve says that in the fourth century every Christian knew that during the celebration of the Mysteries the altar is covered with a cloth.

Later it became a law, which, according to Gavantus, was promulgated by Boniface III in the seventh century.


Baptismal Wall 

Church wallWe have almost completed the walls of our Church.

There's a wall section by the Baptismal, that needs
to be completed in the same wood as the rest
of our Church.

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The patio area is for all to socialize.

I would like to see improvements in the structure, tables and flooring.