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About The Church

We hold regular Church
Liturgies, Gospels, Epistles, Monthly Feasts, and Events.

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Pray For Me

Prayers are answered.

Our Priests are here to offer
their prayers for you, friend
or a family member.

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Church Baptism

Baptism is for the remission
of sins and for entrance into
the Church.The person being baptized is united to Christ.

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Church Schedule

We hold regular Church Liturgies, Gospels,
Epistles, Monthly Feasts, and Events.

Everyone is welcome.

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Feasts & Celebrations

We hold regular feasts and events to celebrate 

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Church Projects

Together, are creating a beautiful church.

We are the only church that has built a replica
of the tomb of Jesus. We invite you to join is,
in helping complete this project, and others.

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Church Vision

We want to expand the church, our reach,
and what we provide to our community.

We welcome your passion and participation.

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Church Participation

We welcome your participation.

We offer Church School, Youth Group Activities,
Fellowship Programs, and a Ladies Society.

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Church Store

Welcome to our Icons Store for the Orthodox
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We offer a number of interesting, and unique
religious items. All purchases help to support
our Church. 

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Prayers & Verses

We all need to know prayer Bible verses,
for prayer is the way we communicate with 
God so we can get to know Him better.

Rejoice in hope, and be constant in prayer. 

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Our Resources include Patriachate, Epitropia, Orthodox In The World, Orthodox Radio & TV.

Our Directory will give you our recommendations
of trusted community businesses & services. 

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Church Directory

Our Church Directory of trusted community
businesses, and services.

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The Orthodox Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary has the Blessing of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

We, the Greek Orthodox Christian have a profound and lasting fellowship among ourselves and others who share these interests.

We seek ways to dedicate ourselves, and others to our life with Christ, our True God, the Holy Trinity.  

We also wish to expand our experience with compassionate service to others, and to practice good will, respect, and equality.